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October 5, 2016
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October 5, 2016

6 steps to plan a successful inbound marketing

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Inbound Marketing- Digital Marketing- SEO

Inbound marketing has increased in significance and popularity, it gives you the results only if you have a strategical approach towards it. Here’s the quick 6 steps for a successful inbound marketing.

  • Identify Target Audience: Understand your best-fit buyer and work towards addressing their problem and how they can leverage your services to solve it. Use a combination of real customer data and market information to develop target audience.
  • Align your Marketing and Sales: Align your Marketing & Sales departments working toward the same goals. Inbound marketers must ensure that helpful and educational content is in pitch to nurture leads as modern buyers self-educate with online resources before purchasing.
  • Define Content: Consider your target personas challenges when developing the content and ensure your content is in every pitch of buyers journey (learn, consider, decide) like in the considering stage buyers will be searching for all possible solutions for their problem and looking for a mentor, where your case studies, blogs or free guide should serve them.
  • Build Hubs: Content hubs is multiple content related to same topic and its a great way to direct your audience towards you and increase the traffic and search ranks.
  • Promote: Identify your target personas platforms and channels where they look for the answers to their challenges and promote your content to these environments which will yield higher quality leads as a result
  • Measure: Set up your Key Performance Indicators at starting point, generate your campaign reports, evaluate your strategy and redefine the flaws.