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October 5, 2016
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Benefits of Custom ERP Solution

Custom ERP Development Companies in India

Custom ERP Development Companies in India

If we talk about custom ERP system, most of the companies would think about the tough time they may undergo for designing and implementing the solutions and they easily end up with any packaged shelf software. But do companies actually will have any trouble if considering Customized ERP Solution for their operations? answer for this is 100% NO . Custom ERP will be an asset for any companies as it is designed specifically for their business operations and requirements.

Packaged solutions available in the market have its own advantages but it doesn’t mean that those solutions would fit for our business. Most of these solutions guarantee customizations, but if we make a minor change on the way it is designed would typically leads to several more. Several issues have been facing by companies who choose shelf software and they actually change their workflow according to the software!!

We already know our business workflow like interaction between departments, task to be carried out in every department, best practices we follow in our business operations etc.. Then what restrict us in going for customized solutions? There are a lot of benefits companies would get in considering customized solutions. here’s few things..

Advantages in moving to Custom ERP


If you choose a shelf ERP system considering the designing and implementation effort, it might end up with a bigger price tag software that doesn’t fit your company’s needs. If we are investing on something it should give us ROI soon or in near future and here’s the role of custom ERP comes. It actually serve you as you needed in a very low-cost and you don’t have to look over the huge expenses such as license cost, pay for user, up-gradation cost etc..

No customization or change in your workflow:

If a new ERP system is implemented in any company, users needs to change their workflow according to the solution being implemented.But if you choose a customized ERP solution, it only automates your manual works and nothing to look over in changing the workflow of the organization or users.

Improved System Performance and Accessibility 

Custom ERP often delivers better performance than other solutions. Software architecture is designed from the ground up for maximum performance, which yields better application availability. If there is a ramp up or change in your business, you easily adjust and integrate the modules to handle the surge. A shelf product can unlikely to be able to achieve these results.

Enhanced and Better User Interface

We know exactly how it actually works because,we designed it. When working on complex or specific tasks, the first thing that matters is the user interface. With out of box customization, you can understand easily what are all the elements on the screen because there’s nothing available in the system which you’re not using.

visibility, automatic and single reporting System

It gives complete visibility into your all operational processes, across various departments of an organization such as Finance/Accounts, Human Resource Management, Manufacturing, Marketing/Sales, Supply Chain/Warehouse Management etc..

It automate the workflow from one department or function to another and ensures that all the department activities are well tracked with a single reporting system to analyze the statistics and nothing to doubt about missing out anything.

Customized Reports & BI

Business is all about getting the actual values of the past and acting on it. Statistics and analytics are most important that really help to make better decision. We can customize the reports in a way how it actually want and can also integrate and collaborate own business intelligence tool to get more stats and insights.