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November 1, 2016
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November 5, 2016

Web Application – to automate every business operations and to reduce cost and time substantially

Web Application Software Development

Custom ERP Development

Why 80% of the business are not maturing and still stay as small companies? Almost 80% of the business do everything manually and not optimized their operations to automate and engage with customers. When things started to do manual for too long, you are on the wrong direction and it really lags your workflow and operations which eventually reflects on customers.

Process automation empowers the organization to stay positive and can serve customers with value added services more efficiently. It enables to cut time and operational cost of your business.

Let’s take an example of an automation software and how it helps a company that has to manage huge clients and accounts.

Work Force Collaboration: When new client comes in,  project template will be created which consists all of the company’s standards and it will be pinged with stake holders of the project. These include pinging the sales team to come-up with  the signed contract for the project team to review, the finance department to create the related invoice, and the project manager to schedule a kickoff call and administration to fill out a series of client intake documents to be shared with rest of the team and goes on and on.

Automatic Notification: When there’s a change or any updates in the project, system will automatically notify all the team to take the necessary actions if needed, this makes the hassle free of emailing and calling to share each and every updates to  concerned.

Document Controlling: Document management is an heavy task for any company such as to get reviewed by concerned team or manager, to maintain the version and repository, to notify the team by emailing on document update etc..

Customized Dashboard: When employees log in, the default dashboard gives the employees to get status of current task, upcoming task, company updates and forecasts, view the company calendar and events, request vacation  which is then automatically sent to manager and then to HR for approval, go to the company policies/handbook online and much more.

There are more benefits for business as give below if choosing customized solutions..

Marketing and customer support: Company news, events, blogs and articles will be automatically posted to social media accounts This removes the pain in manually posting to each of the accounts. It also helps the companies to automate marketing campaign such as a visitors who joined or subscribed for new company products and services or newsletter are automatically added to email marketing list and send updates and newsletters. Automation enhances the efficiency of customer support team as well. It can also integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) to engage with with the customers and prospects more effectively and optimize other administrative tasks.

Efficient project management: Automation software allows employees to keep track of their tasks and project and update with any new changes and developments. The software automatically sends an email upon completion of a current task or receives a new one. It enables to tracks the history of every project and task for reference etc.. There are lot more benefits that enhances the efficiency of business operations and empower the employees such as effective people tracking, improved forecasting, effective communication etc..


Customized Web Application Development

What are the benefits if automation Software is Web Based

Mobility: Unlike stand alone applications, web applications are accessible anytime, anywhere, via a browser in a device which is connected to internet.

Accessible for a range of devices: It can also be customized for any device connected to the internet, including PDAs, mobile phones, etc., to increase the user experience extending the user ability to interact with the application.

Enhanced Interoperability: It can achieve a far greater level of Interoperability between applications. For example, it is easier to integrate a web-based shipment tracking system with a web-based Inventory package to talk to each other. Web-based architecture enables to integrate enterprise systems to improve operational work-flow and other business processes.

Zero Installation: Installation and maintenance becomes easier. When a new version rolled out on the host server, all users can access it straight away.

Adaptable & Secure: With improved cloud technologies running an enterprise web applications is effortless and it’s more adaptable to any load as we can easily scale up and scale down the resources required to run the system, which eventually reduce the operational cost of companies as well. we can ensure better security as these enterprise cloud solution providers follow and compliance the global security standards.

Business automation software can optimize your business operations, empower your employees and engage your customers efficiently…

Have you identified any challenges in your business, that you require optimizations and automation?  If not, then we can provide you free 40 hours consultation on your business operations to find out the areas where we can optimize and automate