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Comprehensive School Management Software for effectively managing school administration tasks
December 3, 2016
Timetable and attendance software, Software for teachers, School Automation Software, school management software, software for educational institutions
How to effectively manage students records using School Management Software
December 5, 2016

An effective digital communication between parents and teachers using School Management System

Online School management system, connecting parents and teachers

The School management system is an innovative school software that helps the school management in streamlining their operations that in turn provides a more functional environment for the students. The online School management system helps teachers and the school relief from tedious paperwork, IT requests or work orders and regulates the entire process with the installation of a single software update. It also reduces the operating cost and time associated with maintaining an entire school set up and related documents such as student file, attendance sheet, etc.

Engineered to offer schools the efficient power to manage daily operations like admissions, attendance, student report cards, timetables and so on, the online school management system helps in managing work schedules at one platform and work order requests in real time. With the availability of the school schedule online at one platform helps the parents to keep a track of their child’s school schedule, absenteeism details, co curricular achievements, etc. It is one stop window for parents to have complete data of their child’s development in school.

In recent years, many children have working parents who many a times lose track of their child’s development in their busy work schedule. The school management system works as a bridge connecting the parents and teachers of the students who can regularly go through the performance assessment reports of their children. They can also take feedback from their teachers regarding their performance in different subjects, share school events and also get information about PTA meetings.¬†With the help of the login details, parents can have easy and secure access to all data related to their child anytime and from anywhere across any device.

Benefits for parents

  • Allows parents to keep a record of the number of days their child was absent with the dates they were not present at school.
  • They can check exam schedules and results online.
  • Keep track of the student’s performance through monthly and weekly assessment reports.
  • Allows parents to communicate with the institution and teachers more effectively.