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December 9, 2016

10 Effective Principles for Startups and how to attain first few customers fast and early

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10 Effective Principles for Startups and how to attain first few customers fast and early

Here Are 10 Effective Principles For Startup Entrepreneurs’ Success!

Business and enterprising were never easy and therefore only people who have succeeded in spearheading their targets through the ever dynamic biz domains marked by high competition, cut throat marketing, and such other hard factors. These factors become ruthless when we consider the case of startup firms! The reason is that the startup ventures are unstable in more than one ways. Their operational influences are in want of viable backward linkages with the suppliers as also the forward linkages with the customers. There are financial constraints too that hamper the investment and expansion initiatives. We find many theories that promise success of startups. Here are 10 effective principles for startup entrepreneurs so that they move ahead with least of constraints.


Ascertain your buyers

 This is the first step towards seeking the viabilities. Unless the buyers are identified, the produce would be futile and a heap of waste! Always identify your buyers before hand and modify your product as per their demands.


Ascertain your suppliers

With customers’ base getting identified, the next step is to identify the suppliers that would deliver the matching raw inputs and other subsidiary services/ancillaries. This would determine the resonance of your product with the market!


Assess your financial portfolio and cost

Finances are always very important to any business. As stated above, the startups face greater danger through crunched finances; unless the startup is being pooled by some MNC banner as a subsidiary! So assess your financial position first and work the equations as for feasibility and net profits. Count the parameters in a differentiated manner.


Assess the fiscal risk buffer for reduced functionality

While assessing your financial portfolio and position, it is always essential to count a risk buffer also; because for the startups, temporary stagnancy is a common phenomenon. Be prepared for that!


No big plans!

 Do no make a big layout at inception stage itself? Make short term plans as such plans are easily maneuverable.


Be dynamic

 Remain dynamic in planning and implementation. This will allow adjusting to the external market efficiently.



 Always bear a foresight towards what opportunities and implications are possible. This helps in good execution.


Making the next situation and not meeting it!

 Do not just meet the next situation but try to make it through your efforts and plans. This requires initiative on the part of the entrepreneur.


Review always!

The entrepreneur should always make the reviewing and assessments in a continuous manner.


Use the smart branding

 Do not forget to make use of smart web marketing and branding cum reach out measures.


Here Are 7 Ways To Get Your Startup First 50 Customers Fast And Early!

Acquiring customers is the biggest challenge for any business firm in the modern economy; courtesy to the cut-throat competition of age. This challenge is tried to be won through hard-core ‘marketing’ strategies that are diversified, dedicated and customized towards the initiatives of the brand. The problem for the startup firms in acquiring their customers is on account of marketing strategies that have become bulky, long-term, capital intensive and very dynamic. Budding entrepreneurs feel the constraints in more than one ways! Here is a discussion that deliberates upon 7 ways to get your startup first 50 customers! Let’s be the part


Leveraging own network

This is the first and fundamental turf to scout for the customers. A startup entrepreneur can always find first few customers in the network in which he is known. This turf may include any or all of the following –

  • Business partners
  • Friends & Relatives
  • Links in an existing business
  • Investors
  • Others


Looking for the customers from competitors

 This is not something unethical for a budding entrepreneur. In business parlance, this is called as developing an edge over the rival competitor. Once the entrepreneur is able to showcase signs of cost and quality advantage to the customers who buy from rivals, they would be buying from you for sure! This is a hardcore business!


Reaching out through measures like cold calling, emails

Here we talk about marketing; for it is very necessary and even the startup entrepreneur cannot escape it in the name of lack of funds! However, rely on cheaper measures like emails and cold calling to grab the immediate customers. Low budget emails package could be also bought.


Branding & advertising

Do it, if you have sufficient funds reserved! Look out for web based branding initiatives and advertising like through PPC, CPI, and SEM banner in the resonant web pages to find the direct customer traffic to your desk.


Social tags acquisition

Look out for SMO and SMM strategies to acquire social tags of real worth. This could help bring in generic traffic of customers that would behave as your brand ambassadors in the times to come.



 Never forget to do geo-targeting, if your footprint is ‘local’. Geo-targeting could also include distributing pamphlets and doing web-based reach outs to the local populace.


Free product offering

You can offer your product free to ‘potential’ customers. Remember that the product should depict visible advantage in cost and quality!