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October 5, 2016
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October 5, 2016

How cloud solutions benefit small and medium business

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Small and medium size business can have numerous benefits in adopting cloud solutions for their operations. But most of the SME business are not completely aware of the advantages they get in adopting cloud platform. Around 35% of startups and small businesses have fully adapted to cloud and a intuit study shows that result would get double by 2020. The five reason why small and medium businesses should consider cloud computing.

Reduced Cost

Cloud computing significantly brings down the operational cost associated with the acquiring, managing and upgrading of physical servers because the infrastructure is  managed and maintained by the service provider. Recent studies shows that adoption of cloud computing could result in organisations reducing their costs by about 20 per cent.

Scale and pay as you go

The biggest advantage of cloud computing is, that SMEs can access enterprise level technology which their limited budgets and when there is a need for business ramp, then just need to scale the bandwidth, processing power etc. as required.

Flexibility & Mobility

As we live in the moving world, cloud computing provides high flexibility and accessibility across any device and platform.Users can access their system, work file and data from anywhere they just connect the mobile device over internet.


Business can own their own data with complete privacy and high-end security measures that compliance global standards. Cloud providers certainly offer increased security at a much lower cost that SMEs could afford. Innovative start-up businesses are leveraging the   benefits that the cloud solutions, but all businesses should be aware of the potential and advantages of the cloud.

Focus on core business

Here’s the excellent benefit in cloud adaption, it allows a companies to focus on what they actually do without the hassle of hardware and software. Cloud computing could be reduce your operational expenses, unlocking new possibilities, or it could be a tool to refocus on your core business.


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