Online School management system, connecting parents and teachers
An effective digital communication between parents and teachers using School Management System
December 5, 2016
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December 5, 2016

How to effectively manage students records using School Management Software

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The use of school management software in schools provide teachers the freedom from tedious paper works and managing attendance sheets.The most important objective behind implementing the school management software is  provide better interaction opportunities between teachers, parents and students. A good school automation software provides its users with all relevant school information starting from new student record to student attendance record that can be easily accessed with few clicks. Earlier searching for a student record/data was a tedious job and involved searching through age old record books and bunch of paper files investing an entire day for the same. Maintaining relevant student records is another important aspect that needs to be regularly taken care of with the admission of every new batch along with updating the existing student record.

The school management always maintains a progress and performance report of their students right from the time of his/her admissions to Board level course. It stores and keeps records of the students’ academic and extra-curricular achievements along with their medical well being, even after the students become alumni.  The Timetable and attendance software provides secured access to its users especially to the parents to keep oneself updated about their child’s school schedule and involvement in co-curricular activities. The information like health record, extracurricular participation, etc. helps in analyzing the student’s educational and psychological growth that also comes in handy in the long run of the student’s academic life.

It is an effective software for teachers that helps them in managing student’s records-which forms the most important aspect of using school management system. It regularly needs to be update all details and vital information related to the students such as past education records, identification papers and medical issues faced and much more.

Some of the important features of implementing the school automation software:

Student’s benefits:

  • View school calendar,exam details, timetable and notice board.
  • Check news about school events, extracurricular activities, Olympiads, etc.
  • Download syllabus and course materials etc.
  • Easily access library records of books available, time of return, etc.

Teacher’s benefits:

  • Update student profile
  • View attendance records
  • Effective communication with parents
  • Students academic insights

Parent’s benefits:

  • View hostel facilities/fees/dues information
  • Admission opening details
  • Collect feedback from the teachers regarding their performance
  • Absent records of their children/ attendance record
  • Keep track of the student’s performance through monthly and weekly assessment reports and much more.