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October 5, 2016

How to implement and improve your business process

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Business Process Improvement

If you are leading any process improvement program for your organization then, you may have felt sometimes that your efforts were not yielding the expected results.

The process of an organization vary from business to business and depends up on the operations of an organization. there isn’t any kind of guideline to follow in implementing and managing the process of an organization, but there’s always best practices and standards to follow and before get practicing that, we should understand our organizational structure, culture, politics goes on and on.
Evaluate, refine and change are the best way to have an efficient process in an organization. Most people resist change, make sure you have a plan in place to change and to mitigate the inefficiencies. Implementing best process is like any other project you take – Analyse, define, design, implement and test. Success comes from looking in to for every detail. Make sure you have these following 7 things covered when implementing best practices in your organization,
but most important is understanding your business and do not try to model how you should work, instead get a model on how you actually work.

  • Do brain storming
  • Align your business and customer needs
  • Involve all stake holders
  • Define metrics
  • implement your model
  • Evaluate and refine
  • Manage change