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SEO And Digital Marketing Strategies To Get Wings For Your Startup

SEO-Content MArketing-inbound Marketing

Content Marketing - inbound Marketing

Most of the companies and startups are well aware of the importance of SEO, keyword, content etc.. But people are get misleading from various sources and failed to have a proper SEO strategies.  Google has been actually redefining their search algorithm by implementing new things and tweaks and as a result SEO strategies that worked years ago may not be effective today. How you are going to get the things you want is not something like mastering in google search algorithm, but it’s better to have an overall understanding on the field before heading to some result oriented tasks that might consume your lot of time and effort.

Defining the SEO strategy is as simple as providing the quality content upon your keyword related queries in search engines. Yeah, it’s that simple as it is if you exactly know what you are going to do and meet. This writing doesn’t going to explain you the importance of SEO and how you can do that with tips and tricks. So before going in detail, what’s your intention behind your SEO strategies? You want some business, right? yeah exactly that’s the only thing everyone needs and looking at each other and doing something that exactly what it is actually not to be done.

What should be your first step?

Yes, very first step of your SEO strategy should be self questioned and this what SEO experts or consultants do if you approach them.

Have you got an interactive website for your business?

How do you plan marketing for your business?

Do you have any concept for inbound and outbound marketing strategies?  etc…

And if you find answers for the above Q’s then analyse it with below and realize yourself where do you stand now and define a strategy for better SEO.

SEO as a plan, not tips and tricks

If you are going to create some keywords on your niche, titles and put in to some blog or directories then you are easily going to get chased by those who exactly knows how to create a content, build links, create followers, how to build interactive business website etc.. So if you started planing SEO after your set with your website and accessibility then you are not actually on right path. It’s very tough to get in to SEO strategies and making a plan as a startup, you’ll be having hard time in defining your services, audience, marketing and financial plans etc.. But if you start considering SEO plan along with your business founding and setup tasks, then result you yield would be much high and can easily take off from ground to brand yourself.

Not a one time investment

If you think, you win the game board in achieving high rank on search engine, then you are really going to challenge yourself and in no time you could be vanished. Maintaining the search rank needs a continuous effort and monitoring. As we all know market is constantly changing and we have to really focus on our community and surroundings to come up with quality content to compete them.

Consistency & Persistence

To do? Consistency in your effective efforts. The important thing that varies from those who make success on SEO and Web and those that don’t, is consistency. Those are the people who put all their efforts on time and through out their task course even for months and years and your SEO plan should be always a long-term goal not a short-term.

Content rule the world

Content is not something like scribbling the keywords related to your niche. As a startup you should really come up with some quality content that actually serve the purpose of your readers or customers. making the readers and followers for y our content is not an easy task and that’s the first thing you should really focus on and put some extra effort. And if you succeed in that rest of the thing will be very easy for you to complete your marketing and sales process.

What others talk about you

If you play a safe game on ground and become noticeable, then you should put some effort and let others talk about you  in their blog and press. Those real testimonials, reference and links are the real payoff for your effort. So startups can try to attract themselves to others press coverage or blogs or articles to become a good competitor. As a start-up there’s no wrong with check in to quality blog, press and write some insightful comments, connect with the LinkedIn or Twitter or send a message with some resources and enquire if they could use in future articles, etc.. On contrary if Google keeps sending traffic from your own links and identified that you are not mentioned as some back link or reference in others blog and press, then you may be in trouble, because its good to have guards and fence on our boundary to play a safe game.

Imagine your website or blog contents started serving your audience and followers, now its time to practice your mixed inbound and outbound marketing strategies, like educating your followers with your free content and freebies like eBook, trials etc..and make them loyal to you and pitch them with outbound techniques and sell your products or services.