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October 5, 2016
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November 2, 2016

Why you should prioritize your mobile app development strategy to benefit your business

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During 2015 Online Retail giant provided mobile app offers which is if you desired a 50″ HDTV you could get it for simplest $160 and dazzled millions of consumers with the offer, you truly had to download the app for gaining access to the offer. Yes, you had to have the app downloaded. Amazon became now not alone on this pass and other retail giants are on the same way to engage the customers effectively with mobile applications.

8 years after the launch of the first technology iPhone which was the largest diversion in customers behaviour on their mobile phone culture ,Still many business throughout the world have no longer completely embraced the cultures of mobile purchases. In 2014, 45% of all US organizations didn’t have a mobile app or responsive websites. In 2015, only 11% of us organizations did no longer put money into mobile friendly websites and applications  when Google changed their search algorithm in April 2015 basically de-prioritizing the websites that had been not “mobile-friendly”, remarkable 40% of the fortune 500 corporations had been negatively impacted since their websites were now not mobile pleasant.

All these statistics shows is that many organizations maintain to operate their business within the attitude where the computer takes priority over mobile. For those organizations new features and customer engagement models are still conceived by traditional sales guru model and mobile being an extension of their option not a necessity.

Let’s take a look why your business would never be the same if you harness the power of mobile apps for your business.

60% of website are being viewed by mobile. So What’s your mobile strategy

Mobile phone is handy and if your website is not then you have got to buy a smart phone because according to the trends people spends more time on mobile phones and internet than any other things they have. The fine characteristic of a mobile app is that it enables businesses to have interaction with their customers in real-time, through place and whole with profile statistics.
If your mobile strategy is done in a proper way as suggested, you can truely flip the engaged customers into revenue generating ones.

Customers are fast enough

People realize the time saving factor while being looking for any services or product over internet and mobile phones. Even the location doesn’t restrict them for finding a service across internet. Turning on the location and searching the needed things come all the way to their finger tips in minutes. That’s the real value added services consumers getting while paying for your services, if you don’t provide those then we are not talking about you but those who are actually on the game. Make use the potential capabilities of mobile engagement and make your customers life easier which eventually benefit our business.